Our Story

As a lover of art, lifting, and rock music, I decided to mix three of my favorite passions and created "Lifting Rocks!" garage and home gym banners that rock! 

I made my own gym banner a few years ago, sitting in my home office during the pandemic.  I was feeling pretty grateful that I invested in a squat rack, barbell, and plates the year before all the crazy covid stuff hit the fan.  Sitting at my desk, I thought, "Lifting Rocks!" and proceeded to sketch the symbol for my little garage gym.

As a graphic designer, I used my adobe skills to polish it up and sent it to the printer to get a 3'x5' vinyl banner hung on my wall. Now, every time I lift, I feel proud and motivated to build toward new PRs in my own space I call my garage gym.  It is one of my favorite places to be!  My weights, my schedule, my rock music!

Before I had my home gym, I remember one day walking into the local commercial gym, geared up and ready to get some good lifting in.  The gym was packed that day, which always gives me a little anxiety, knowing I'm going to have to battle the crowd and wait for equipment.  I was not wrong about waiting...  Even the bathrooms had lines, and you can forget about getting a squat rack. Best bet was to ask someone if you could share a rack and try to work in.  I was tempted to walk out, but I stayed and my workout took forever.  At the very least my motivation took a hit that day.

Now that I have my garage gym, I can never go back.  I'm sure you feel the same about your home gym.  I want everyone with a garage or home gym to feel the sense of pride I do.  Garage gyms are bad ass, and what better way to make it rock even more than to hang some sick banners on the wall. 

I put a lot of thought and love into these banners, so thank you for checking them out, and I hope to make a banner that speaks to you and represents how you feel about lifting, rock music, and hitting your goals in your gym. 

Good luck on your lifting goals, and I hope you hit all your upcoming PRs!!!

Artist, Lifter, Garage Gym Enthusiast